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Upland Birds


Upland bird hunting is excellent in Washington County. In the late 1970’s, much of the county was clear-cut by the paper companies that owned the land. The resulting re-growth created thousands of acres of natural habitat for woodcock and grouse. Many of these areas are within a 10 minute drive of Robinson’s Cottages and the Dennys River Guide Service. They are open to hunting with very little hunting pressure.  Due to the thick foliage in early October, preferred hunting for upland birds is usually October 10th and after.


Washington County offers some excellent early morning and late afternoon duck hunting. Wood ducks, Ringnecks, Teal, Blacks and Mallards are most common. All ducks are hunted over decoys from blinds on rivers, streams, ponds and lakes.  All decoys, watercraft, life jackets, paddles, steel shot and camo netting provided. Jump shooting from a canoe is also successful.

White Tail Deer

White Tail Deer hunting in Washington County is a must. Although, we do not have the numbers like some other parts of Maine, eastern Maine is known for its large deer and tremendous racks. An average buck is around 150 lbs. Bill has taken 3 deer over 200 lbs in Washington County. All deer hunting is done from the ground or from tree stands in areas known for deer movement. Transportation and tree stands provided.


Washington County has a good population of Moose. All moose hunting is done by permit only. Hunting is done by canoe on waterways. Guide, lodging, transportation, and necessary equipment to load/transport harvested moose provided. See our Moose Hunts page for more information.

Dennys River Guide Service

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