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Freshwater Fishing


Washington County offers some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the world. Three to four pound bass are not uncommon. A variety of methods to fish bass are used including trolling, casting, and fishing with live bait.

Although not a game fish, white perch are plentiful in several area lakes. They provide good action, not to mention excellent eating. White perch can be caught in the 1 - 2 pound class and are fished for in the same way as bass. 

Cathance Lake offers an excellent Landlocked salmon fishery. These salmon range from 14 - 24 inches and 4 - 5 pound salmon are not uncommon. Trolling is the most effective method to catch these fish, although live bait works well also.


Brook Trout are abundant in several lakes, ponds, streams and brooks. Average trout range from 8-12 inches and larger trout are caught as well. May and June are the best months to fish for brook trout in Washington County.

Ice Fishing


Washington County also offers some great places for ice-fishing from large lakes to small ponds. The ice-fishing season lasts from January 1st to March 31st.

I can provide all of the gear you would need for an ice-fishing outing. You can fish out of an ice shack or camp on a local lake or just fish out on the open ice on a nice day. Fish that can be caught through the ice on local lakes include landlocked salmon, smallmouth bass, brook trout, white perch, and yellow perch.

Hot food is a must when ice-fishing. I usually bring coffee and cook hot dogs and hamburgers or the fish that are caught.  

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