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Moose hunts are 6 day hunts - $2500 (includes cottage, guide, transportation, and equipment); $2900 with meals.


Moose are hunted by state permit only. For more information on the Maine state

moose lottery and hunting moose in Maine click here.


Hunt Info

Dennys River Guide Service specializes in remote float hunts when hunting for moose. Nearly all moose hunting is done from a large canoe or Grand Laker canoe unless the weather keeps us off the water for a day, which means we would be hunting clear cuts or bog areas on foot.


Each year before the moose hunt, hunters who have drawn a permit use their spare time to scout for moose in the zones they were picked for to hunt. Most just ride the dirt roads looking for tracks and others try their luck at calling moose with a variety of methods either by mouth call, electronic call, or raking with an antler. This is a successful way to find moose but what this actually does is alert the moose that once again the annual hunt is on and moose are spooked away from these roads and areas that can be walked to long before the hunt even begins. This is why I like to hunt remote areas from the water.


Your morning will start early, about 4:30 am. Your cabin is fully equipped for the cooking of your own meals. One needs to be prepared for the elements with plenty of warm clothes including rain gear and tall rubber boots that are insulated.


Imagine sitting in the bow of a canoe holding your rifle or bow floating down a river on a cold quiet morning pushing wood ducks, blacks and mallards as we are float hunting for the largest big game animal in Maine. Beavers, muskrat and otter are also abundant in the local watersheds. These areas are prime moose habitat due to the protection they provide for the moose, an excellent water source, undisturbed breeding grounds and ample amounts of vegetation, aquatic weeds, and browse for moose to feed on. A field lunch will be provided for you. This will give us an opportunity to stretch our legs on land and relax a bit. After lunch we will pick up where we left off and hunt the afternoon and evening back toward the boat launch or toward another boat launch area where a second vehicle is waiting for us. From here you will be taken back to your cabin by your guide. (The maximum number per hunting party that book a moose hunt can be no more than 2.)


All moose that are taken by hunters on these float hunts will require quartering of the animal wherever it falls. Extra help will be on stand-by to give two or three of us a hand if need be.       

Dennys River Guide Service

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